Assistance and Spare parts

Spreafico acts as a real partner for its clients


Spreafico acts as a real partner for its clients; assisting them not only during installation process of every machine, but also following them during further phases, offering an after sale service always rapid and efficient.

Spreafico support team is made by a pool of high skilled technicians, who can operate everywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter if client’s need is to fine-tune a machine or to implement new functionalities, Spreafico service is always at his disposal, guaranteeing a prompt reply for any kind of technical issue.

Spare parts

Spreafico has a huge spare parts storehouse, containing thousands of components and replacements, ready to be retrieved and sent whenever and wherever it’s necessary.

Such service is particular efficient also when special parts are needed. Spreafico aims to produce internally as much parts as possible, using both machine tools and advanced technological processes.

So, if a part isn’t already available in the storehouse, Spreafico is able to reproduce it quickly, guaranteeing the same quality and authenticity of the original.