Dettaglio News

07 February 2015

Spreafico: advanced technology for the packaging of coffee... And much more!

The Lecco based company, specialized in the design, production and marketing of automated machines for capsule filling, offers a portfolio of solutions that are suitable not only for the packaging of coffee, but also for a wide range of soluble and leaf products, such as ginseng, barley and infusions.

The capsule world: not just coffee. 
The market of coffee in portions is now dominated by capsules, which in the last few years have revolutionized the way we drink coffee, making it even more widespread and consumed. Capsules are an optimal packaging solution, as they allow for a long shelf life and, at the same time, a great aroma and taste of the product. The capsule solution, however, is not exclusive to the coffee industry, it lends itself to the packaging of a wide range of beverages, soluble and non soluble, that are experiencing a major increase in their market share, especially in the vending industry. Spreafico, having always been attentive to market changes, now offers a range of solutions suitable to capsule packaging of not only coffee, but also instant soluble beverages such as tea, chamomile, chocolate, milk, barley, cappuccino, ginseng. These solutions can also be used for leaf products such as tea and infusions. 

Tailored solutions for instant products, both soluble and non soluble. 
To accommodate market's requests and to be able to offer customized machines to its clientele, Spreafico constantly invests in the development of technologically advanced solutions. Specifically, for the packaging of instant and leaf products (for instance the tea that can be purchased from vending machines), Spreafico has designed a packaging system that guarantees both precision in the weighing and dosing stages (for a reduced waste of product) and total cleanliness. Such products, in fact, tend to stain the machine in the capsule filling stage, but thanks to the depression suction system developed by Spreafico, the machine can effectively eliminate all the impalpable residue in order to guarantee maximum cleanliness of the workplace. Whatever the content, Spreafico machines can work with a wide range of capsules, including compostable and biodegradable capsules. 

A special system for coffee flavoring. 
As for the coffee industry, Spreafico has adopted a special technological innovation for the flavoring of the product, following the latest trends of the market that is seeing a widespread appearance of new - and more or less exotic - flavors and aromas. The solution offered by Spreafico is based on micrometric drop dosing with diaphragm valves, activated by a control unit with microprocessor, which simplifies the setting of the parameters for dose and dosing time. Depending on the number of tracks on the filling machines, one or more dosing valves are installed, while the product is placed in a cartridge type tank on the outside of the machine. This solution can be applied on any Spreafico system, including the ones already on the market. Among the clients who use this system is the Ristora group.