Dettaglio News

26 June 2017

Sepack and Spreafico set up three plants for the packaging of coffee capsules

The filling and packaging of the capsules is carried out by 6 lane Spreafico machines. The Lecco company solutions have been chosen by the client as they boast several benefits: they are extremely advanced in terms of their technology and, at the same time, perfectly suited to the economies of scale of a major company that is focused on the quality of the product as much as on the efficiency of the process. The performance of Spreafico's machines are in line with the most common demands of the market, and they also ensure a residual percentage of oxygen inside the capsule of less than 1% thanks to their use of nitrogen injecting systems; all of this to guarantee the highest standards of quality. Moreover, thanks to a design and manufacturing that is mainly "mechanical", the consumption of both energy and compressed air is low. The savings also come from the reduction of material waste that the plants can achieve, when compared to other solutions. The machines thus truly combine both wrapping material and electricity savings. But Spreafico wasn't just involved in the project as a filling machine vendor, the company contributed to the engineering of the lines and operated side by side with Sepack, being in charge of coordinating the different manufacturers taking part in the project.