Dettaglio News

12 October 2016

Sepack and Spreafico: a winning team for the fitting of coffee packaging lines

Today the market for coffee in portions is driven by the needs of the large-scale retail channel, which requires the marketing of products and packaging that are increasingly more differentiated and of a higher quality. In this context, the partnership between Sepack a company specialized in the design of coffee packaging lines and Spreafico, an important player in the manufacturing of machines for capsule filling, seems to be a winning strategy.

The fitting of the line: a tailored operation

Packaging is getting more refined, both esthetically and functionally. In just a few years, the demand from consumers has differentiated and evolved, and with it the offer from roasters, that today are increasingly taking into account aspects such as the optimization of spaces producing capsules, wrappers and packages that are less "empty" as well keeping in mind other factors such as the design of the packaging and the position that it will occupy on the shelves of the distributors. The product must also be of a high quality, to meet the demand of consumers who are increasingly more aware of the fragrance and, at the same time, increasingly more curious about trying new flavors and blends. Sepack is able to fully meet that demand, helping roasters design the system and suggesting the ideal solution for every step of the packaging stage. This is possible thanks to the partnership with companies that are leader in the primary and secondary packaging industry. Sepack assists the client in the planning of the packaging as well, offering precious support, from the choice of materials up to the packaging design, working to deliver a turnkey service that takes into account the many issues that are critical in the fitting of a coffee packaging line: from the space constraints in the factory plant to the way the packaging will need to open once it is in the hands of the consumers.

Capsule filling:

A critical step is the coffee capsule packaging stage, the true "heart" of the production line, for which Sepack employs the portfolio of solutions offered by Spreafico.  In the field of capsule packaging, in fact, the requirement for the roaster is to have a plant that boasts such characteristics as reliability and ease of use, but also the ability of packaging different products such as coffee, tea and blends on the same plant. Companies such as Spreafico, thanks to a forty year tradition in the mechanical sector, offer their "craft" to effectively meet those needs. The Italian company is able to build customized plants, with from 2 to 8 lanes, characterized by different speeds and functions. Spreafico machines can be fitted for the packaging of different products (e.g. different flavors of coffees, teas or tisanes), switching from a soluble product to another with a simple operation of format change. The company also works tirelessly to perfect its products, researching solutions that will improve production efficiencies and, at the same time, will lead to savings in energy and material consumption. Among the latest innovations implemented by Spreafico on its machines, is the adoption of new cutters that are able to reduce waste, optimizing the use of the wrapping material and, thus, allowing the client to cut costs. At the same time, the features that made Spreafico plants among the most successful on the market are maintained: first and foremost the guarantee of a residual percentage of oxygen inside the capsule of less than 1%, together with such characteristics as the machine's great accessibility and ease of operation.