Dettaglio News

29 May 2015

Spreafico: when innovation goes hand in hand with tradition.

Born forty years ago as a mechanical workshop specialized in precision machining, today Spreafico is a well-established company in the design and marketing of machines for capsule packaging. The company, headquartered in Calolziocorte, Lecco, shows great dynamism, as demonstrated by its revenues, which are up 30% since last year, and a share of export which is constantly growing. All of this thanks to cutting-edge technologies and a business approach aimed at the constant search for perfection

The origins and entering the coffee industry

Launched in 1975 as a mechanical workshop specialized in precision machining, over time Spreafico has undergone a process of constant improvement, expanding at the beginning of the 1990s with the decision to proceed on the path of  complex mechanical structures machining. Thus Spreafico has strengthened its experience in the field of technologically advanced machines, suitable to be operated on multiple shifts and requiring very little maintenance. In 2008 the company became an S.r.l. (limited liability company), expanding its staff and its network of external suppliers. It was at this time that Spreafico seized the opportunity of entering the coffee industry, designing and building a system for the filling of capsules at a speed of 600 pieces per minute. It then started diversifying its clientele: from small craft businesses in its same area to medium sized companies in Lombardia first and, afterwards, thanks to the current SPREAFICO sales manager Gianfranco Zanarini's 30 years knowledge and experience in the coffee industry, to major national industries. In 2012, after a commercial partnership with Spanish company Coyma, Spreafico also entered the Spanish coffee market, securing orders from the most important coffee roasters in Spain.

Conquering new markets
Today Spreafico operates on the global market, especially in the coffee and soluble products industry, offering a wide selection of machines for capsule filling, with different speeds and features in order to be suitable to the most diverse of production needs. A dedicated policy of technical support paired with attention to aspects such as the dependability and strength of its machines, has allowed Spreafico to establish a stable and lasting relationship with its commercial partners. After a first delivery of machines, it's not rare for a company to ask for the installation of additional packaging lines and plants. The quality of the solutions developed by Spreafico has brought about, in the last 2 years, a major expansion into markets outside Europe, in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, China and Thailand. Among other things, the growth in clientele has translated into a significant increase in revenues, which in the last three years has increased on average by 30%. All of this, paired with a search for increasingly more advanced technologies, has compelled the company to move in its new headquarters in Calolziocorte, Lecco, expanding its workforce and its network of external suppliers.

New technologies, same attention towards the client
While Spreafico takes advantage of the mechanical skills available in the area, all of its design teams work internally. The company also produces some of the components for the machines on its own, thanks to a modern and perfectly equipped workshop, with lathes, millers, and numerical control units. Spreafico can boast many cutting-edge technological solutions, one of them is being the first - and at the moment the only - company to have been able to transform plants under modified atmosphere with a nitrogen tunnel, for all kinds of self-sealing capsules, thus being able to significantly lower the oxygen level, which now has a guaranteed value of less than 1%. This allows the coffee inside the capsules to maintain its aroma for a long period of time. Today, just as forty years ago, the principles guiding the company are the search for constant improvement and a profound attention to the client's needs.