Dettaglio News

18 March 2016

Spreafico: pioneering technology at the customer's service

Spreafico is a company based in Lecco, at the heart of the Lombard manufacturing district, active for more than 40 years in the field of precision machining. In the last few years the company specialized in the designing, construction and marketing of automatic machines for the packaging of coffee, tea and other soluble products. The Lombardy based company possesses a unique expertise that, in a relatively short time, has made it one of the major players in the industry.

The company's approach to the market: the client above all

Spreafico puts the client at the heart of its business. Whether the client is a big multinational or a small coffee roaster, the same care and attention will be adopted in order to understand its demands and analyze its needs, working with precision and accuracy to offer the most appropriate solution.  The expertise Spreafico acquired over time, allows the company to operate at the highest technological level, while also maintaining a personal relationship with the client. Whenever necessary, the Italian company is also able to integrate its knowledge in order to offer turnkey solutions.  Just as an example, Spreafico can operate as prime contractor whenever the need to design and build a complete line arises. Spreafico will coordinate the different technological partners and support the client from the early design stages up to after-sales service. For this reason, the company signed collaboration agreements with complementary companies for the supply of end of line machines or coffee roasting units. Similarly, the company's technical department can help the client find new and unique approaches and solutions for a wide variety of needs in the field of coffee and soluble product packaging.

The new R&D center: research drives the company's development

Specifically the technical department has recently been involved in a renewal and expansion process that led to the creation of a knowledge center dedicated to research and development activities. The new pool of professionals the company can now count on works on structural research projects that study the solutions of the future, to be able to anticipate the market and not just follow it. As such, the new Spreafico R&D department work side by side with the technical department, whose main activity is an incremental research with the purpose of streamlining and improving construction processes and methods currently employed. There is, thus, a clear drive towards investing in technology that guides the company's activities and which merges with values such as flexibility, a critical quality that is essential in order to adapt the offering to the ever changing needs of the clients, and an attention to the customer which translates in a constant support throughout the life cycle of a machine. This is a winning approach, as demonstrated by the market: the company's revenue has increased by 40% in 2015 from the previous year. This was accompanied by an expansion of the client's portfolio that now encompasses countries at every corner of the world, from small roaster, to third party suppliers, to large multinationals.